[Dixielandjazz] The "partners" thing.

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My taste in music isn't the same as my wife's but it's not that much 

She dislikes big band jazz for the most part and anything that doesn't have 
a tune.

I started playing professionally on a more or less regular basis at 15 
before we started going with me.  We got married at 18 and I was in College 
majoring on the Oboe.  Now that's enough to strain any marriage.

My profession is and always has been music.  Like a brick layer I don't 
expect my wife to share my love of brick laying to a point that she has to 
admire every brick I lay and I certainly don't expect her to come along to 
watch me lay them.

I learned quite early that to bring a young attractive woman to a place 
where I was working and where she had nothing to do but drink and attract 
male admirers was stupid.

Many bands are really social clubs and not really businesses.  If the 
"wife's club" comes along then I question the professionalism of the group 
and I don't mean to imply that the music is inferior.  I think the entourage 
was more common in the past than now.

I was an excellent Oboe player but my wife's toleration wore very thin after 
listening to me practice day in and day out.

Personally I never needed to have a built in audience.

Having said all that one of the musicians that I most admire brings his wife 
always and his past two wives have been worshipers where as his first wife 
wasn't and he divorced her.  His present wife comes to absolutely 
everything.  I think she wants to keep her wife job.  Contrasting that, the 
band is made up of the top pro's in town and only rarely do their wives show 
up even to public concerts.  We are playing a park concert tomorrow night so 
I'll take a count.
St. Louis

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> Someone else noted:
>>Someone suggested:
> "It perhaps *maybe* an interesting exercise for DJML'ers to post if their
> addiction to OKOM is/is not shared by their 'partners'."
> ......and then went on to say:
>>In our band, none of the wives tag along.  We actually believe that may be
>>one of the reasons our band is still together after 38 yrs!  :>
> Well that's half an answer I s'pose. Someone is led to wonder if the band
> members still have their original partners after all that time.
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