[Dixielandjazz] Old stuff that we cherish

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My grandson when he was a toddler used to ask for "Grandpa's happy music". 
He's now 13 and could care less but will tolerate it.  Time will tell.
St. Louis
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> Larry Swain said :
> "Have a new granddaughter of 16 mo who loves this music (I play ir for 
> her,
> and she dances to it), and you can likely imagine how I'll deal with
> that..."
> My two daughters (both married with kids) tell me that their friends often
> ask "How come you know all these old tunes?", of course the answer is that
> they have been steeped in it since birth. On the other hand after more 
> than
> 45 years of marriage my wife Mary still hasn't absorbed any of it but she
> quite enjoys Fats Waller, so there is a glimmer of hope for her yet.
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