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I actually hadn't thought about that  and supplying a feed sounds like a 
good idea.

When I'm using my Eon's  I use a Mixer and rarely I use  the volume controls 
on the Eon's to adjust volume.  With the mixer I can adjust individual 
instruments and voices from my seat.  I can also get a feed off of one of 
the Eon's.

I ran sound for the AF band I was in for about 8 years and for awhile I ran 
the board within the band.  I really can't recommend that very highly unless 
you have done extensive sound checks and know exactly where those sliders 
need to be for each mike and that the mikes are set up the same each time. 
There's nothing substitutes for ears out where the people are.  I got pretty 
good at it but still.....  I think the key is knowing your system.  It works 
a whole lot better if the sound man is where the people are.  The biggest 
drawback here is the snake.  That's usually manageable in a concert 
situation but much more difficult for dancing.

The problem is that you have to set up all the band stuff, mikes, pa, etc. 
and they get paid to make it loud.  It seems to me that the only difference 
is their power amp and speakers.

It's still a good idea though.  As you said, if there is a decent monitor 
system then you can work inside the band better.

Two weeks ago I worked a Dixie job and the room was really large. (Grand 
Regency Ballroom) They had sound set up and we asked if we could talk to the 
sound man.  The lady in charge was so busy with 1500 people milling around 
the room and eating snacks she said oh for get it.  Thank you Lord.  Those 
that wanted to hear us did by coming closer.  It worked out great.

Two of the guys on the job were from the St. Louis Stompers, Steve Lilly on 
Cornet and Joe Schulte on Tuba.  What a fun gig and the icing on the cake it 
paid very well too.
St. Louis

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>I always setup my very tiny sound system (enough for about 150 people),
> use that as monitor system and offfer the sound people a stereo line out 
> to amplify.
> This way I'm in complete control of the mix and the soundmen can be blamed
> when it's too loud....... I can do it within 10 minutes.
> Only when there must be quick changes on one stage this won't work.
> Then I talk to the sound people and ask them to put the complete mix
> on all of the monitors: exactly the same that goes out to the audience.
> This way I'm still in control of the balance by approaching of moving away
> from the mikes. My musicians are professional enough to do the same.
> Trying to lower the sound of the bass and the bass drum is another
> problem to be solved, especially when they are used to rock bands....
> But "please shut down the bass drum mike and adjust the bass to a level
> that it can be heard.....in our music we don't have to "feel" it 
> resonating
> in our body" will do the trick....in most cases.
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