[Dixielandjazz] More Comments on SJJ

Rebecca Thompson rebecca.e.thompson at verizon.net
Mon Jun 5 07:35:14 PDT 2006

Jim and I both agreed that the sound was better at all the venues we
attended than in the past.  Yes, there were some minor adjustments as each
band set up, but that is expected.  (but then, we only made it to about 10

  After leaving the Yolo Room which was filled to capacity for High Sierra
performance, we went across to the Sheraton Ballroom to where the All Stars
(Bill Allred, Harry Allen, Eddie Higgins, Paul Keller and Ed Metz, Jr. and
Randy Reinhart were playing.  There may have been 50 people in the room.  We
sat through one and one-half numbers and left.  IT WAS BORING.  But, then,
that particular style of music is not my favorite.  

But, seems to me that the bands that draw the largest number of people
should be booked into the larger rooms.

I hope NO ONE considers the River City Pub Crawlers dead wood (they are
local).  Their set was one of our FAVORITE.

I don't want to mention the band by name, but there was one which is our
favorite that looked as though they were bored with the whole process.
There was only one player that smiled during the songs.  If the band doesn't
look like they would rather be there than anywhere else at that moment, the
experience is really a downer for the crowd.

Just a word about Banu.  Whether you love her music or not, she is a real
trouper.  She comes across as genuine ALL the time.  She is appreciative of
the audience, her players and loves what she is doing.  

We saw her once in New Orleans after the rain had knocked out all the
amplification at an outdoor venue.  She continued on, belting out the songs
and smiling the whole time.  Another time, we caught her at Fritzel's where
she was just sitting in (not paid) and still giving her best for the whole

When she was asked to sit in with the Royal Garden Trio, she did so with
humility, never once focusing on herself.


We appreciate all they do to make this festival possible.  However, I wish
they would respect the people in the back of an audience by not carrying on
long and loud conversations.

I heard a couple of bands mention that they were sponsored by an individual.
Is this something that will help keep the GOOD bands coming back?  How much
does it cost to sponsor a band?

Rebecca Thompson
Flower Mound, TX

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