[Dixielandjazz] FW: Jazzology Half Hour

Bill Haesler bhaesler at bigpond.net.au
Sun Jun 4 20:22:40 PDT 2006

Dear friends,
As it should be, there have been quite a few plugs on the DJML for jazz
radio programs. In a recent DJML email to Bill Sharp I briefly mentioned the
Australian-based 'Jazzology Half Hour' and would now like to follow up on
It is run by a mate of mine, Peter Cowden, who is the official Australian
agent for George Buck's extensive catalogue of Jazzology, GHB and associated
CDs. Peter's mail order service can also supply most Australian jazz CDs and
can be contacted at
   jazzolog at jazzology.com.au
As our listmates know there have been many changes to the way we have
enjoyed our jazz over the years. We here in Australia are fortunate to have
Community Radio stations which continue to broadcast our music.
Unfortunately, the airtime allotted to traditional/Dixieland jazz is
diminishing and whilst we could sit back and cry into our beer Peter Cowden
is at least one broadcaster trying to do something about it.
Peter, who has hosted jazz radio programmes in Sydney and Newcastle since
the late 80s eighties, has now commenced producing weekly internet
programmes and, as of last Friday, is up to Episode No. 8.
All selections are strongly oriented towards Australian Jazz but include
tracks from newly released CDs from around the world.
If you would like to listen, and perhaps provide feedback, you can log on in
two ways. 
If you have access to iTunes then click 'podcasts' and search for the
'Jazzology Half Hour' - which can be subscribed to free of charge. You can
then listen to the weekly programmes whenever you wish.
Alternatively you can log on to Peter's Jazzology Australia website at
  www.jazzology.com.au <http://www.jazzology.com.au>
After clicking on the spinning disc in the top right hand corner of the
homepage you will be presented with a choice of programmes. Click on the
'PAUSE' followed by the "PLAY' buttons and the music should commence almost
These streaming files are suitable for all internet connection speeds from
56k upwards and the quality is quite acceptable.
If you have any queries please contact Peter directly as above.
Kind regards,

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