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on 6/4/06 8:59 PM, Bill Haesler at bhaesler at bigpond.net.au wrote:

>> First Bruce Springsteen puts out a CD with some Dixieland. Now, the Dixie
> Chicks?<
> Steve and other DJMLers,
> The new Dixie Chicks' CD was number 2 on the charts here in Oz last week.
> They look good and obviously work hard.
> Good luck to them.
> At the risk of setting off this thread again, I have tried to find a
> downloadable mp3 of their 'dixieland' stuff on the internet.
> What I've listened to so far confirms Pat Cooke's comment about the group.
> However, I am still curious about the 'dixieland' stuff mentioned.
> Regards,
> Bill.  
Dear Bill & Listmates:

Below is a review of their latest album, from "News Blaze". Pertinent quote
from it is:  "Another upbeat song is 'I like it', which has a Dixieland
sound with a campy undertone." So, if you can get a download of "I Like It"
go for it and see if you hear what the reviewer from Student Operated Press
heard. I heard a part of it on the Barnes & Noble site for the album, but
did not hear much of a Dixieland sound.

This album is different from their previous work in that they  wrote, or
co-wrote all the tunes. They are telling it like THEY see it. I think
millions will love it, for various reasons including those purely musical,
from their viewpoint. It will probably win a Grammy.

Note also their ambitious tour schedule in support of the album.

Steve Barbone

Taking the Long Way with the Dixie Chicks By Maria Grella

The Dixie Chicks latest album, Taking the Long Way, is a very listenable
compilation of songs, with great harmonies, good writing skills and
beautiful melodies. It is the first album where they have co-written all
tracks, and it was also the first of their albums to be recorded in L.A.,
rather than Nashville, as is traditional in country music.

With the help of producer Rick Rubin (Red Hot Chili Peppers, Johnny Cash),
the trio competently display their musical and writing capabilities. More
personal than previous albums, the lyrics show a maturity and growth. "The
Long Way Around" is the opening track, and is a lyrically themed version of
Robert Frost's quintessential poem, "Road Less Traveled". It is a personal
song about how life could've been by taking the less difficult road; going
on in the normal route of marrying your high school sweetheart, staying in
same zip code and settling into family life. Instead, the path chosen was
the uneasy, unworn trail, traveling toward an uncertain future. The bad side
of fame is uncovered in "Everybody Knows", though many can associate with
the lyrics. It calls forth the inability to escape reputation; trying to be
strong by putting on a brave face despite the pain of the past, but knowing
that everyone is aware of how you're really feeling.

Stand out tracks include "Easy Silence", "Not Ready to Make Nice", and
"Lullaby". "Easy Silence" is a beautiful love song to the one who eases the
chaos of the world by becoming your sanctuary for quiet peacefulness. The
song is smooth and pleasant to listen to. The backlash following a comment
about being ashamed President Bush is a fellow Texan is found in "Not Ready
to Make Nice". The tune shows that the D.C.'s still have lingering anger,
and are not ready to forgive and forget.

Politics continue in "Lubbock or Leave It" in a more upbeat way. Recently
featured on the season finale of Medium, "Lullaby" is a very pretty and
calming lullaby and is also one of the best tracks on the album.

The "Bitter End" is a great concert closer, and unlike the title suggests,
it has that sweet, sing-along chorus, as it bids farewell and goodbye to
friends. Another upbeat song is "I like it", which has a Dixieland sound
with a campy undertone. "Silent House" continues the trend of the pretty
melody. "Voice inside My Head" is your conscious speaking of lost love,
while "Baby Hold On" is a love song, both with good vocals. Weak songs
include the slow ballad "Favorite Year" and "So Hard", which is easy to
forget. The album's closing track is "I Hope"; a mellow yet soulful song for
a weary world and its problems. The repetitive words of 'I hope' within the
chorus drives the song.

Being their first album since the infamous 'ashamed' comment on their 2003
Home tour, the Dixie Chicks have had to battle ill comments from former fans
and foes. Though their country fans are mostly conservatives in the Midwest,
one hopes that they don't hold grudges and miss out on a beautifully crafted
collection of songs. Now might be the perfect time to expand on their
listener-ship, by crossing over into a more pop sound. Political aspects
aside, the album as a whole should be given a chance for the simple fact
that the Dixie Chicks, as a musical group and not political analysts, are
successful in what they do. Taking the Long Way is a strong album that
displays harmonies, musical talent and lyrics at the Dixie Chicks' best.

Above sourced from: The Student Operated Press

The Dixie Chicks will embark on the "Accidents & Accusations Tour" in
support of Taking The Long Way beginning July 21 in Detroit, Michigan and
ending November 11 in Tacoma, Washington. MAJOR VENUES.

     Date      City                Venue                    On sale
     21-Jul    Detroit, MI         Joe Louis Arena         Saturday, June 3
     22-Jul    Pittsburgh, PA      Mellon Arena            Saturday, June 3
     23-Jul    Columbus, OH        Schottenstein Center    Saturday, June 10
     25-Jul    Philadelphia, PA    Wachovia Center         Saturday, June 3
     28-Jul    Albany, NY          Pepsi Arena             Saturday, June 3
     29-Jul    Boston, MA          Banknorth Garden        Saturday, June 3
     1-Aug     New York, NY        Madison Square Garden   Monday, June 5
     4-Aug     Washington, DC      Verizon Center          Saturday, June 3
     13-Aug    Milwaukee, WI       Bradley Center          Saturday, June 10
     15-Aug    Chicago, IL         The United Center       Saturday, June 3
     18-Aug    Minneapolis, MN     Target Center           Saturday, June 3
     20-Aug    Kansas City, MO     Kemper Arena            Saturday, June 10
     22-Aug    St. Louis, MO       Savvis Center           Saturday, June 10
     23-Aug    Indianapolis, IN    Conseco Fieldhouse      Saturday, June 10
     24-Aug    Des Moines, IA      Wells Fargo Arena       Saturday, June 3
     26-Aug    Fargo, ND           Fargodome               Saturday, June 3
     3-Sep     Phoenix, AZ         Glendale Arena          Saturday, June 3
     6-Sep     Fresno, CA          SaveMart Center         Saturday, June 10
     8-Sep     Sacramento, CA      ARCO Arena              Saturday, June 10
     9-Sep     Oakland, CA         Oakland Arena           Sunday, June 11
     14-Sep    Los Angeles, CA     STAPLES Center          Saturday, June 10
     16-Sep    Las Vegas, NV       Mandalay Bay            Saturday, June 10
     23-Sep    Omaha, NE           Qwest Center            Saturday, June 3
     24-Sep    Denver, CO          Pepsi Center            Saturday, June 10
     26-Sep    Oklahoma City, OK   Ford Center             Saturday, June 10
     27-Sep    Memphis, TN         FedEx Forum             Saturday, June 10
     29-Sep    Dallas, TX          American Airlines Center Saturday, June 3
     30-Sep    Houston, TX         Toyota Center           Saturday, June 10
     1-Oct     Austin, TX          Frank Erwin Center      Saturday, June 10
     3-Oct     Nashville, TN    Gaylord Entertainment Ctr  Saturday, June 3
     5-Oct     Tampa, FL           St. Pete Times Forum    Saturday, June 3
     6-Oct     Jacksonville, FL    Veterans Memorial Arena Saturday, June 10
     7-Oct     Ft. Lauderdale, FL  BankAtlantic Center     Saturday, June 3
     17-Oct    Atlanta, GA         Philips Arena           Saturday, June 3
     20-Oct    Knoxville, TN       Thompson-Boling Arena   Saturday, June 3
     22-Oct    Greensboro, NC      Greensboro Coliseum     Saturday, June 10
     27-Oct    Ottawa, Ontario     Scotiabank Place        Saturday, June 3
     28-Oct    Toronto, Ontario    Air Canada Centre       Saturday, June 3
     4-Nov     Edmonton, Alberta   Rexall Place            Saturday, June 10
     5-Nov     Calgary, Alberta    Saddledome              Saturday, June 3
     8-Nov     Vancouver, BC       GM Place                Saturday, June 3
     9-Nov     Portland, OR        Rose Garden             Saturday, June 3
     11-Nov    Tacoma, WA          Tacoma Dome             Saturday, June 3

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