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Steve barbone barbonestreet at earthlink.net
Sun Jun 4 07:31:37 PDT 2006

Now these are the kinds of gigs to get. "The Docs Of Dixieland", led by
Doctor Bill Butt? Way to go, Doc.

Steve Barbone

>From the Vancouver Canada Sun, dateline June 3, 2006

JIM PATTISON, the homegrown billionaire, was at Lions Gate Studios recently.
The event was a Lions Gate Hospital Foundation reception for $5,000-and-up
donors who will fund the expansion of the hospital's 1980s-built emergency
facilities. Pattison and wife Mary started the process with $5 million and
the proviso other community members match it.

Did they ever! Campaign chair Ken Rekrutiak and foundation president Judy
Savage said the fund hit $14.7 million in a year, with Michael and Betsy
Smith alone kicking in a million. Department head Dr. Bruce Long said the
now-named Pattison Emergency Centre's size will double by late 2007.

Guests tapped toes to trombonist Dr. Bill Butt and the Docs of Dixieland
band. That's the all-physician ensemble (except bassist Harold Hoodless)
that cheers Lions Gate's palliative-care patients by ending sets with the
tune After You've Gone.

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