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Bill & Listmates,

I agree about not forwarding people's personal comments.  This is why I have 
removed names from the e-mails which I am collecting.  I merely identify the 
statement with something such as "a fan from TX" or "a non-playing musician 
from Bakersfield."  Thus when I start answering some of the comments, I 
really won't know by whom some of them were made.

Besides publicly answering what I can, I will be submitting all comments to 
the staff & management of the Jubilee.

As most of you know, this was Jill Harper's first year.  She was flying by 
the seat of her pants most of the time.  I don't know how she pulled it off. 
We could not have done it without her.

--Bob Ringwald

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> Thank you Bob for your keen interest in examining the issue. When I 
> ignited the issue, I knew fully well that positions would be strongly 
> taken on both sides of the issue, and so it has been.  I have been 
> receiving numerous emails delivered to my personal email address regarding 
> both sides of the issue ,  saying everything from "you are fight on the 
> the mark", to saying that I am a bumbling idiot.  So the truth may lie 
> somewhere in between, and it is good that someone of note, such as 
> yourself is paying attention.  There are others in Sacramento who share 
> your concerns, as I knew there would be, who are just as equally 
> concerned, and they too have contacted me, asking if I would forward the 
> emails I receive.  I decline in that area because I don't feel comfortable 
> passing on other people's comments because, when they wrote them, they 
> were addressed to me,  and perhaps it would embarrass them to share what 
> they wrote with others. Here is a chance for those of you out there in 
> DJML to be heard, so contact Bob with your input.  Hopefully most of the 
> input will be from people who were actually Jubilee participants, either 
> in bands or as listeners.    There is a gathering spot for musicians at 
> the Jubilee called the Hat Rack, where the instruments are stored between 
> sets, and musicians gather to relax and shoot the bull.  It was a result 
> of listening to and being in involved in several discussions at the Hat 
> Rack that I afterwards said to a few others " I will type up what we've 
> said and post it on DJML", so please understand this:  I was not 
> originally singular in my thinking, though containing also how I feel of 
> course.  The original post was simply a synopsis of those discussions, 
> representing comments from many people.  Remember, as I do, that there 
> were thousands of people there with their own observations to be made, and 
> mine, in contrast could, in final analysis, just turn out to be a lot of 
> baloney.  Any way you look at it, if you'd like to turn my comments to 
> dust, contact Bob.  If you'd like to support the  original contentions, 
> contact Bob. Either way, you're showing a genuine concern for jazz and the 
> Jubilee.  Thank you for that!
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