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I tried to post all this last night but haven't learned the trick of moving
from a reply to an individual addresses to a reply to the full list,

There is only one tune: "Streakin" by Frank LeVere (who is also listed as
the producer). It is a vocal and an instrumental take of the same tune,
rather than a continuation of a set.  The Atlas # is 101 218 or maybe 219 or
maybe it's a "B". The print is very very small and the ink filled in the

Thanks for your help.

I don't even know the club, although my Chicago time was in the early 60's
and I was too poor to do much club hopping. Can you tell me a little about

Thanks so much,


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Tonight I am working with a banjo player from Chicago, who played at the Red
Garter there in the 70s..

Can you tell me any more about that 45? Such as what tunes are on it?


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