[Dixielandjazz] Sacramento Jubilee

Bob Shoring bobshoring at california.com
Fri Jun 2 22:11:37 PDT 2006

Personally, I enjoyed the 2006 Jubilee more than 2005.  I think a lot of 
it had to do with logistics.  This year I spend less down time trying to 
get across town or sitting through a band I didn't care for just to hear 
one I didn't want to miss.  As a pedestrian, I didn't miss Cal Expo, and 
I liked the fact that the two West Sac sites were within walking 
distance to Crocker Park, Embassy Suites and much of Old Sacramento.

As to attendance, it seemed either feast or famine.  Many of the sets I 
attended at the Yolo Room and the Holiday Inn Ballroom were standing 
room only, while the sets I attended in West Sac were sparsely attended 
even with outstanding bands.  No doubt there was some confusion about 
the sites or people just stuck with the places they were familiar with.

I agree with an earlier positing about grouping styles of jazz 
together.  I doubt many Zydeco fans would bother attending pure 
Dixieland sets and vice versa.  However, I do understand that some of 
these other forms of jazz help increase attendance overall and help the 
bottom line.  Keeping each style clustered together more than they 
currently do would make sense.

I have my favorite bands, usually the ones that I don't get to hear 
elsewhere, but I also heard several bands for the first time.  Some 
surpassed my expectations, and a few made me wonder why they were 
there.  I also agree that they should pare down some of the deadwood, 
and concentrate on the bands that have a great following.

A few of the bands had unscheduled musicians sitting in for a few tunes, 
and to me that nearly always adds to the fun and spontaneity of the 

I enjoy humor as much as the next guy, and a little bandstand humor adds 
to the fun, but some bands seem to try so hard to be funny that they end 
up being silly, which bores me to death.  After all, I go mainly to hear 
great jazz.  And I didn't think there was a shortage of that.  My only 
disappointment was that neither Grand Dominion nor the New Black Eagles 
were there.

Bob Shoring

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