[Dixielandjazz] Re: Did Red Nichols play a mouthpiece solo?

Bill Haesler bhaesler at bigpond.net.au
Fri Jun 2 20:39:28 PDT 2006

Dear friends,
On 31 May I changed my (obsolete, as I discovered) 1GB Business internet
plan for a (now cheaper) Unlimited one. I have broadband cable, but somehow
my helpful ISP reconnected me to their ADSL system. This slowed down the
internet access and would not allow me into my email box.
All of which cut off my from entry to the DJML for nearly 3 days, and left
me fretting about what I was missing.
Imagine my disappointment at 9.30, when I finally accessed my back mail this
morning, to find that apart from two discographal queries and some
interesting stuff about flaming tubas (which I have yet to read) I was
forced to wade through (and delete most) of the 200 posts.
Some Sacramento stuff of interest to those regulars who may missed the
event, lots of none-OKOM guff involving the Dixie Chicks (I'm with Jack
Wiard and Pat Cooke on that one), the inevitable political lunge or two from
bothe left and right and me ole mate Steve Barboni in hot water again!
A pity.
The Red Nichols' query was partly answered.
It most certainly is Adrian Rollini's hot fountain pen soloing and not Mr
Red playing mouthpiece on "Roses of Picardy" (Red Nichols and His Five
Pennies, 16 Feb 1929). I played the side and checked.
The  Grove Dictionary of Jazz defines the hot fountain pen as "A small,
keyless woodwind instrument, resembling a high Ab piccolo or octave
clarinet." It is "less than 30cm long [12 inches for our US mates] with
keyless tone holes; its peculiar tone is due in part to the use of a
saxophone mouthpiece. Adrian Rollini played [it] to create novelty effects
in recordings..........
The Englishman Laurie Payne, influenced by hearing Rollini [on his two
late-20s visits to England], is its only other notable exponent."

The other query, regarding the the Chicago Red Garter Band, requires more
information to solve. The Atlas catalogue number, the tune titles on the EP
and any other label information MAY help identify the group.

I'm glad to be back though.
My dear wife Jess was starting to detect the withdrawal symptoms.


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