[Dixielandjazz] Glenn Miller's Last Flight....The Final Word?

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Dear Don,
A perhaps more plausible theory than the PBS bomber story was presented in a 
half-hour TV program on A&E. In this it was suggested that Glenn Miller's 
plane came down in England's Chiltern Hills before reaching the Channel. One 
strong supporter of this view was the UK Women's Auxiliary Air Force (WAAF) 
radio controller, to whom the plane did not respond some time after she 
cleared it for take-off. This of course is as much guesswork as other 
beliefs touted by various "experts". Cheers.
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> The PBS documentary "Glenn Miller's Last Flight" was broadcast by our PBS
> station in June and I TV-O'D it and just viewed it last night.  It is a 
> one
> hour broadcast, I couldn't catch a production date,  They do a good job of
> contrasting recent footage with old Miller band clips.  Trigger Alpert and 
> Jerry
> Jerome (and many others) are interviewed.
> The main information comes from a British pilot named Fred Shaw who sez 
> he
> saw a small plane crash on Dec. 15, 1944 in the English Channel, that 
> must
> have been the plane that Miller was on.
> That morning was foggy, delaying the take off of bombers and the small 
> plane
> that Miller was on.  The fog cleared allowing take off of all the  bombers
> and Miller's plane.  However, the fighter escorts, leaving from  another 
> airport
> were not allowed to take off due to heavy fog in their  area.
> So, with no escorts the bombers were called back and since they can't land
> with the load of bombs told to drop them in a zone in the channel that was 
> used
> for that purpose.  Mr. Shaw saw a small plane below them get hit by one of
> their bombs.
> Further recent studies show that Miller's plane was the only plane downed 
> in
> the channel that day, and that the two flight paths would have been  close
> enough for this to happen, especially since the small plane was using a
> magnetic compass that could easily be off by 10 degrees or so.
> So, the film producers are certain that this was Glenn Miller's plane and
> how he died.  They also mention the other rumors that have been on the 
> list  in
> the last few days.  The video is available from PBS Home Video.
> Also, about 3 weeks ago, Paul Harvey gave this same information on his
> syndicated radio show "The Rest of the Story" which I happened to hear.
> So, that is the latest from South Bend on the Miller Story.
> Don Boyer...
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