[Dixielandjazz] Jazz Refugee Project having success in Phoenix

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Fri Sep 30 09:20:07 PDT 2005

The work goes on........the following is from Bart Saltzman: 
Joe Hopkins
Russ named the project, and they are refugees per Webster dictionary  
definition. (I know that's a hot potato).   I have email to treasurer  for talley of 
funds raised, but we have raised  around $9,000. and yes,  much has gone to 
Treme guys.  JIA  (Jazz N' AZ) is in process of  cutting checks for $2,000 to 
cover hotel bills (Chandler Hosp donated $1500 of  bill), already paid them $600 
in performance fees, and will be paying for condo  rent for three months, 
assuming we raise enough more money...two condos are  $1800/mo for 6 guys.   now 
they need beds, some furniture (a lot has  been donated) , dress suits/sport 
jackets, and JIA jia will also be paying  $1000/mo rent for van (got wholesale 
Avis rental price $27/day plus taxes for  new 7 passenger van,)unless we find 
a sponsor or couple cars  donated.    
spoke to Irvin Mayfield , and his quartet will play in major fundraiser  
where we hope to raise another $25,000 (auction/raffles/sponsors) in late  
Nov/Early Dec.  mtg with Center for the Perfrorming Arts on Fri am to  see if we can 
use that venue or will move it maybe to Hamilton HS.
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acjspres writes:

Bart ...several folks have asked how much money has been donated to the  
project so far and has it reached the Treme band guys and/or others?
By the way.....the name is a bad one...they are not refugees........just  a 
Joe Hopkins

Yesterday two HUGE boxes arrived at my home.  BRAND NEW beatiful  Selmer 
Tenor for Shep, a brand new Baritone Sax for shep, and a gorgeous silver  bach 
strad for Will Smith (he's still in Miss...but needed horn...I'll be  calling him 
and arranging to ship to him, unless he comes out here for a few  gigs like 
he promised, then take back with him)...   The cases say  "with love, Wendy, 
JAzz Federation of America"...   (Benny and I have  been talking to her weekly 
with requests...much more coming in next month or  so....they have a NY "angel" 
buying lots of new instruments for famous players  from N.O., and Treme was 
very high on list.
it is simply amazing to see the jazz community, and others pulling together  
for these guys!!!!
and the sleepless nights have been worth it.
Bart Saltzman

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