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Date: Tue, 27 Sep 2005 14:21:22 -0700 (PDT)
From: David Livingston <snargi01 at yahoo.com>

There was the episode where Jack Sheldon was in the holodeck band and 
after hearing Riker play the trombone, Sheldon told him to keep his day 
job .

Dave "Keep your day job" Livingston

In case anyone wants to use that episode for Trivia, I should point out 
that Dave remembers perhaps a different episode then I do with Jack. 
As I remember it distinctly, Jack played a piano player in this 
otherwise empty, but classic looking, tiered, jazz club.  He never 
played a note on either trumpet or piano that I can recall, but probably 
did make the comment Dave remembers. Jack does play keyboards so it was 
NOT method acting.

It proved to me that at some point, every musician, no matter how good, 
has to make certain compromises. Perhaps that was Jack's "Day job?" He 
said he did play piano in a San Fernando Valley restaurant at one time.

On another Holodeck episode using a detective theme, a Holodeck 
character asked the Capt. if he was real or if he would disappear to 
nothing when the Holodeck was shut down? The Capt. admitted that it was 
an unknown due to the technology. The background music for the scene 
was, "Out of Nowhere" (You came from out of nowhere.) Very clever I 
thought! Does anyone know who the jazz or music fan was on the STNG 
staff?  Someone on the DJML perhaps?

OK Bill. At least my Star Trek story IS music related.

Lowell Busching

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