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In the mid-'60s in Chicago, there was a weekly TV show on WGN-TV called "The
Big Bands.  Bands ranged from Vaughn Monroe to Tex Beneke to Sy Zentner to
the Tommy Dorsey and Jimmy Dorsey Orchestras (Frank Sinatra, Jr. was the
featured vocalist with the former at the time).

The show was on Sunday nights at 9:30 p.m. CST.

Hal Vickery

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Ray Anthony had more than one show in the 50s & perhaps the early 60s. A
couple are available as DVDs on his bigbandcdstore website. Also listed is a
Stan Kenton performance DVD & a few others I can't recall right now..

Also Harry James, Basie, Ellington & others were on Ed Sullivan a few times.
In fact I remember, mid-70s (?), at the end of a "Gong Show" Harry James &
band showed up playing "Two O'Clock Jump."

In the mid-eighties I recall seeing some VHS tapes featuring TV appearances
by Tex Beneke w/ Ray Eberle & the Modernaires, Les Brown & a few others,
memory failing. I still kick myself for not buying them all, but then, at
the time funds were scarce & the tapes were expensive for the time. This
being when blank VHS tapes cost as much or more than pre-recorded movies do

Dan Gaultney
Thomasville, GA
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