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>> In light of this, it was odd that his tenure with Maynard ended with
>> firing him because he refused to get an appropriate mouthpiece. >
>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
>> I love Maynard, but one thing he has done over the years that I have never
>> understood, is want the trumpet players in his sections to play some of
>> same equipment that he does.

>In this case, which is taken from an interview with Jerry Tyree, I got the
>sense Maynard wouldn't have cared what he was playing if he was cutting the
>part but apparently he was heavily depending on Tyree to spot him when he
>got tired and Tyree got sick of picking up the slack and complained about it
>to Maynard. He put it in more colorful terms but I'm editing for television.

I was talking with Maynard's band manager at a concert a couple of years ago and the Tyree story came up in the conversation. He said it was bunk. Chase wanted to be a lead player not a sideman. Going to Woody Herman’s band to be Lead Trp and Arranger, then later forming his own band seems to be a progression of this desire.

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