[Dixielandjazz] OKOM bands on TV in the 1950s/1960s?

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Bob Romans wrote:

> Tommy Loy made me a copy of a movie that the ORIGINAL Cell Block 7 
> made in the '50's, called, "Rock, Baby, Rock it"*...very weak plot as 
> you can imagine...but...there they are! Tommy was about 26 or 27 at 
> the time! The original  CB7 ALMOST made it on the Ed Sullivan 
> Show...they were in the studio Tommy said, but Rusty Brown, the 
> leader/drummer couldn't come to terms with the producers...I have one 
> of their flyers that shows them with Ed Sullivan...close, but no 
> cigar, as they say!
> Warm regards,
> Bob Romans,
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> """"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""
> *An Evelyn-Rock Production-A Freebar Release.
> Copyright 1957
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>> Mike,
>> I remember your posting of those performances - thanks for the memory 
>> jog!
>> Were there other bands performances from that era that have been saved?
>> I have several DVDs of movies & short subjects from jazz bands from 
>> the 30s and 40s but I have not seen anything from later years.
>> Dave Richoux
>> On Sep 25, 2005, at 8:00 PM, Mike Marois wrote:
>>> Good Evening David et al;
>>> I've posted three appearances of my Uncles' band on the Ed Sullivan 
>>> show
>>> from the 1950's up on http://www.TheDukesofDixieland.com .  I've 
>>> recently
>>> scored a copy of "Championship Jazz" from 1962 in which the Dukes'
>>> "competed" against a group the Gene Krupa. If I can get the right
>>> compression, I'll try to put some of that up on our site also.  
>>> There was
>>> also those Timex Jazz Hours that were in the 1950's.  The 50's and 
>>> 60's were
>>> great times for the telecasting of Dixieland Jazz to the people, 
>>> these days
>>> it's just that MTV and VH1 noise.
>>> Mike
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>>> 1950s/1960s? (was
>>> Re: Bill Chase)
>>> Dave Bargeron has also been doing some amazing modern tuba duet
>>> recordings with Michel Godard - taking jazz tuba in many different
>>> directions. I see at his website http://www.davebargeron.com he was an
>>> original member of Substructure/Gravity back in 1968 - it may have been
>>> his connections with B S &T that got them on to a mainstream TV show.
>>> Bringing this back to a more DJML inclusive topic - I am trying to
>>> remember (from my childhood) how often OKOM/ Trad Jazz bands made it to
>>> major TV shows in the  1950s and early 1960s - the height of the trad
>>> revival in the US and other countries. I can remember seeing some Louis
>>> Armstrong and Louie Prima /Sam Butera, a few other bands  on the Ed
>>> Sullivan Show, the Spike Jones program, and some Pete Fountain on
>>> Lawrence Welk shows but after that I draw a blank.
>>> Anybody have some others?
>>> Dave Richoux
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I told Tommy once that we had worked opposite of each other once a long 
time ago, but he couldn't remember it. I told him I was working on Ted 
Weems band, and we played a big auto show in Dallas, and the Cell Block 
7 gang were the intermission band between the show sets. They wore these 
striped convicts suits and wore fake plastic ball and chains on their 
legs. Then he remembered. Trouble is we had never formally met at that 
time, but only later we his band and mine played the Bix Fest in 
Davenport, a mere 20 years late. Well, better late than never. We hit it 
off then though that was the last time we had a face to face. Such a 
neat guy. Glad to have shared some internet moments and a last phone 
call before he passed..He is still missed.
Don Ingle

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