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Yup, that's what happened to Chase.  I don't remember if it was all of the
trumpet players who were killed, but the key member who did die was Bill
Chase, the leader.  

The band did produce two albums.  The first was self-titled.  The second was
called "Ennea," Greek for "nine," the number of members of the group.  I
have both, LPs.  The second one wasn't very good.

I saw the band at Northern Illinois University not long before the plane
crash.  They played a free concert (imagine any group doing that nowadays)
at the campus lagoon.  IIRC they played the gig because Bill Chase knew
NIU's director of jazz studies, Ron Modell, who had started that program
from scratch one or two years before. 

Hal Vickery

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Starwaterlogo (for lack of a known name!) wrote:
Horn based bands like Chicago, Tower of Power, BS&T  and briefly Chase, used
to rule the airwaves. 

Wow!  I can't believe I've seen the name "Chase" again.  If my memory serves
me right, this was a band front lined by about 5 fantastic trumpeters, and
backed by a rhythm section.  Am I right, Star?  If so, I had an LP of them
which I loaned out to somebody (never, ever do that!), and which I no longer
have, of course!

If we're talking about the same band, all the trumpeters were killed in an
air crash while flying to a gig.  The rhythm section wasn't on the plane.

Now that I think about it (this is a bad joke...), it was probably the
rhythm guys that caused the accident.  I mean, who on earth could live with
FIVE trumpeters?


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