[Dixielandjazz] Lyrics Algiers Strut

Gerard Bielderman gerard.bielderman at tiscali.nl
Sat Sep 24 00:59:02 PDT 2005

Yes, there are lyrics to the Algiers Strut recording by the Dutch Circus 
Square Jazz Band. I'm playing the record just now. It goes like this:

Let's march to Algiers
let's do the Algiers strut.
We'll march together,
even better,
let us be the second line.
We'll parade to Algiers,
do the Algiers strut.
Let's have a good time,
drink a bottle of
good beer or wine!

Composer credits are: Valentine - J. van Hulten, so probably cornet player 
Van Hulten wrote the lyrics. I'll ask him!

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