[Dixielandjazz] Re: Katrina Benefit in Las Vegas

Steve barbone barbonestreet at earthlink.net
Fri Sep 23 18:46:17 PDT 2005

"Jeanne Brei" <TinPanAlleyCat at cox.net>  wrote (polite snip)

> Hey all, . . . 
> Come see "What A Relief:" A Benefit for the Red Cross Hurricane Fund
> Saturday, Sept. 24 at Spring Mtn. Ranch
> Gates Open & Performances Begin at 5:30
> Jeanne Brei & The Tin Pan Alley DixieCats will play from 6:00-6:45 with
> Charlie Shaffer on piano, Kenny Grieg on bass, Howie Agster on drums, Don
> Hill on saxophone, Burt Esterman on clarinet, Dick Geuder on trumpet, Bobby
> Scann on trombone and Vic Fouquet on banjo

Bobby Scann on trombone? Hey Jeanne, say hello to him for Barbone Street and
especially from trombonist Glenn Dodson. (Bobby is a fine player and a class
A guy who looks just like Tony Bennett.) We missed seeing him and having him
sit in this year.

Have Bobby lead Basin Street at 6:00 PM and we'll have Glenn do it at 9:00
PM during our benefit. That will provide 2000 miles of stereo separation and
Larry Walton in St Louis will be in the perfect spot. Listen hard, Larry, at
8 PM. 

Wish we could be there with you. Say, what is Spring Mountain Ranch?
Anything like those other "Ranches" in Nevada? :-) VBG

If so, we really wish we could be there.


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