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Gee,  Larry, I might have to disagree with that statement.  I think   
have very eclectic tastes in music.  They like all  kinds of crap,  spewed 
out by all kinds of no  talents.........
Mike  Vax

True  Mike but isn't that the same or similar thing our parents said about us 
and our taste when we were teenagers??
How did your daddy relate to  your playing with the likes of Stan Kenton?
Give em time, they too will one  day grow up and discover real music and may 
even revive OKOM  again.

Tom Wiggins:
I think you have way too much time on your hands.......
Boy were there a lot of messages from you in this digest!
Anyway, to answer your questions:
My parents were big band and jazz fans from their younger lives and that is  
one of the reasons I was listening to radio broadcasts in the 40's, when I was 
They were thrilled with all the bands that I played on, especially the  
Kenton Orchestra.
The other difference is that today's teenagers will NOT grow up and listen  
to OKOM.  Even many of the kids in the jazz bands in high schools, don't  
listen to ANY kind of jazz.  I know we have talked about this before, so I  won't 
go into the whole thing that I see in schools today, all over our  country.
Mike Vax

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