[Dixielandjazz] (no subject) Teenagers and music redux

TCASHWIGG at aol.com TCASHWIGG at aol.com
Fri Sep 23 00:53:13 PDT 2005

 Gee, Larry, I might have to disagree with that statement.  I think  
 have very eclectic tastes in music.  They like all kinds of crap,  spewed 
 by all kinds of no talents.........
 Mike Vax

True Mike but isn't that the same or similar thing our parents said about us 
and our taste when we were teenagers??

How did your daddy relate to your playing with the likes of Stan Kenton?

Give em time, they too will one day grow up and discover real music and may 
even revive OKOM again.

I wish I would live long enough to hear anniversary songs being played like
Yo mamma was a ho and yo sista wuz too, I married yo grannie and I wouodda 
married you too.   And hear somebody in a rockin chair shot out Hey Tashinita  
my main bitch, they be plain our song let's be break dancin till the light of 

Or maybe the other great hit Highway to Hell while grampa bites the head off 
a duck and gets naked ands shows off all his tatoos.


Ahhh I dig Rock and Roll Music"  but I am tired of the Mammas and the Pappas, 
there's a lot more folks gettin fat bsides Mamma Cass,


Tom beam me up Wiggins

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