[Dixielandjazz] PBS Concert and New Orleans music

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Fri Sep 23 00:37:34 PDT 2005

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larrys.bands at charter.net writes:

> OKOM fans are the biggest "tunnel
> vision" fans in all of music.

No I would have to nominate teen agers in general for that honor.

Ahhhh but Larry my friend OKOMERS are just teenagers going through life the 
second or third time are they not..?   And therefore really no different the 
second or third time around.

Heck I can't wait for Puberty to come around again  :))   them was the good 
old days,  ehhh??


Tom "Dirty Old Man" Wiggins
But not that OLD.

 because my idea of jazz is that it ISN'T a museum piece.   but many of our 
groupies are, :))   I like  to do new  things with great old tunes.
I prefer to do old things with great new ladies.  

oops can I say that on this list:))

Going back to my room now before I get into trouble  "again"

Rev. Tom Bob

Being sorely tempted to Sin again.

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