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*	What Will Happen To New Orleans Music? 




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OffBeat Weekly Beat Newsletter 

Keepin' New Orleans Funky!
August 25, 2005
Volume 3 No. 33 	


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Gatemouth GATE PASSES 

Not even lung cancer could get him.

Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown died on Sunday at his brother's home in Orange,
Texas. Gate had suffered from lung cancer for over a year, complicated by
heart disease, but had made many appearances, including one at OffBeat's
Best of the Beat Awards in January 2005. Mr. Brown's house in Slidell was
destroyed by Hurricane Katrina.

For more information, click
Fwww.chron.com%2Fcs%2FCDA%2Fssistory.mpl%2Fmetropolitan%2F3348584> here. 



In the terrible wake of destruction of Hurricane Katrina, these musicians
and members of the New Orleans music community have been reported as safe
(thanks to Beth Sager). Please email me at jan_v_ramsey at offbeat.com if you
have any news.

Adams, Amzie
Aiges, Scott & Lisanne
Alba, Pete
Albert, Jeff
Allman, Kevin
Allen, Shamar
Anderson, Mark
Andersson, Theresa
Andrepont, Mike
Andrews, Bob
Andrews, James
Andrews, Troy "Trombone Shorty"
Angel, Johnny
Ankar, Jim(Aural Elixir)
Antin, Benny (Benny Grunch)
Argenti, Andreas (Smilin Myron)
Armstrong, Steve
Assunto, Deano
Astral Project
Atkins, Victor
Atridge, Bernie
Aucoin, Kevin
Autin, John
Babineaux, Alexis
Bagnotto, John
Ball, Marcia
Ballard, Mike
Bandrowski, David
Banjo Grayson, Roberto, Washboard Lisa
Bansali, Dr. Siddarth (jazz foundation)
Barbarin, Lucien
Barnes, Sunpie
Barras, Mike
Barry, Rebecca
Basin Street Sheiks
Batiste, Jamal
Batiste, Jonathan
Batiste, Lionel
Batiste, Mike
Batiste, Russell
Battiste, Harold
Battiste, Warren
Bayard, Eddie & Ha
Bayou Renegades
Becker, Suzette (Atty)
Belletto, Al & Linda Belot, Doug
Bendtsen, Holly
Beninato, Jeff & Karen
Benoit, Tab
Bingham, Mark (Piety Street Studios)
Blancher, John & Family (Rock 'N' Bowl)
Blanchard, Hurley
Blanchard, Terence
Bohren, Spencer
Bo, Eddie
Bolero, Jimmy
Bolen, Skip (Jazz photographer)
Boone, Christian
Boudreaux, Big Chief Monk
Bourbon Cowboys
Boutte, John
Boutte, Lillian
Boutte, Tanya
Boutte, Tricia
Bowens, Alonzo
Boyd, Jesse
Bradish, Pete "Foot"
Braud, Mark
Braun, Joe
Brooks, Juanita
Brooks, Marc
Brotherhood of Groove
Broussard, Russ
Brown, Earl
Brown, Gary
Brown, Jody
Brown, Leon
Brown, Maurice
Brunious, Wendell
Brunious, Kurt
Buck, George & Nina (Palm Court)
Butler, Henry
Caldwell, Kaye
Capps, Grayson
Carpenter, Jimmy
Carson, Big Al
Carson, Kim
Castrillo, Ricki
Cayolle, Brian "Breeze"
Chapman, Topsy
Chaz, Jeff
Chilton, Alex
Christopher, Evan
Cleary, Jon
Clements, Annie
Clements, Cranston
Clifton, Chris
de Clouet, Theryl Houseman
Brian from Country Fried
Cohen, Adam (writer) 
Cohen, Josh
Coloma, Jose "Pepe"
Consortium of Genius
Conway, Earl
Coogan, Brian
Cooke, G. Patrick
Cooper, Juanita Tolbert
Courville, Chris
Cowboy Mouth
Cowsill, Susan
Craft, Jack
Craft, Sam
Crawford, Davell
Creole Serenaders
Crooks and Nannies
Cruz, Jack
Cuccia, Anthony
Dagradi, Tony
McDaniel, Lenny
Darby, Mike
Davenport, Jeremy
Dawson, Sean
David & Roselyn
Davis, Debbie
Davis, Troy
Degruy, Phil
Dejan, Allen
Dejoie, Nora
DelRosario, Anthony (Turducken Productions)
Devecca, Red
Dewberry, Cynthia
Diettmer, Liese
DiFlorio, Mark
Dillon, Monica
Dinkins, Parker (Master Digital)
Dirty Dozen Brass Band
DJ Lady Fingaz
DJ Quickie Mart
Doc Otis
Doctor Bone & the Hep Cats
Dr. John
Doheny, John Dominici, Michael
Domino, Antoine "Fats"
Donohue, Mike
Donna's Bar and Grill: Donna (FL), Charlie and Troy (Shreveport), Margaret
(BR), Mikki (TX?)
Doucet, David
Douget, Eric
Drums & Tuba
Drury, Lynn
Duke, Todd
Eaglin, Snooks
Easley, Dave
Edegran, Lars & Nancy
Edwards, Nancy
Eidler, David
Eisinger, Chad
Elie, Lolis Eric
Ellington, David
Ellis, Lance
Elmore, Nat
Embree, Jerry
Ernest, Herman
Espino, Rob
Evans, Samirah
Fardela, Charlie
Farrell, Dave of Ultrasonic Studios
Faulconer, Cass
Fenalson, Bridgitte
Ferbos, Lionel
The Festers
Fine, Jack
Fisher, Patrice
Fischer, Tom
Fitzpatrick, Tom
Flory, Pat
Floyd, Lee III
Fohl, John
Forrest, Andy J.
Fortenberry, Stacy (of Tipitina's)
Francis, Sylvester (Backstreet Cultural Museum)
Freilich, Jonathan (New Orleans Klezmer All-Stars) 
French, Gerald
Fortenberry, Stacy (Tipitina's)
Forsyth, Gina
Foster, Mike
Frank, Lee (One Music Group)
Freeman, Derrick
Freeman, Tracey
French, Bob
French, Gerald
Frishberg, Jonno
Fuller, Peter
Fulton, Mike
Funky Meters
Gallardo, Hector
Gauthe, Jacques
Getrex, Les
Gibson, Banu
Gipson, Ralph
Goines, Victor
Golombisky, Matthew
Gomez, Butch
Goodson, Steve
Green, Ron (jazz photographer)
Green, Tim
Greggory, Rex
Griffin, Tracy
Gros, John
Guarin, Glen
Guerin, Roland
Hall, James
Hall, Kevin
Hall, Tony
Hampsey, Matt (Sunpie & the Louisiana Sunspots) 
Hampton, Greg
Hardesty, Herb
Harris, Ben
Harris, Grant
Harris, Peter
Harris, Lil Queenie
Harris, Robert
Harrison, Donald
Harvey, Tom
Hart, Bill
Hebert, Jeff
Heitger, Duke
Helms, Brad
Henry, Corey
Hiller, Ryan
Himmel, Karl
Hingle, George
Hingle, Tanyo
Hobson's Choice
Hoffman, Andi
Holiday, Gal (Vanessa Niemann)
Holladay, Kenny
Holsapple, Peter
Hood, Mike
Hot 8 Brass Band: Bennie (AL), Dinerral (B.R), Burger (B.R), Swamp (TX),
Raymond (TX), Cousin (TX)
Big Al (Helicoptor evac'd out)
Hot Club of New Orleans
Hotchkiss, Sam (Juice/Smylin Myron)
Houston, Ryan
Huntington, Bill
Hyde, David
Hyman, David
Ieya, Mike
Ingraffia, Burke
Irrera, Joseph (OffBeat)
Iuso, Billy
Jackson, Scott
James, David
Jastroch, Michael (OffBeat)
Jeff & Vida
Johnny Sketch & the Dirty Notes
Johnson, Bunchy
Johnson, Venita
Jones, Connie
Jones, Elaine
Jones, Leroy
Jordan, Edward "Kidd"
Jordan, Marlon
Jorns, Lenny
Joseph, Kirk
Jumonville, Jerry
Kane, Sonny
Kaplan, Neil
Kaufman, Carla
Kay, Carla
K-Doe, Antoinette 
Keller, Ron
Kennedy, Willow & Tara
Kent, Luther
Ketchens, Doreen
kid red
King, Chris Thomas
King, Little Freddie
Kirchner, Quin
Klein, Craig
Klerks, Erik
Knight, Eric
Kohl, Chris
Kole, Ronnie 
Kreinberg, Lou
Krown, Joe
Lacinak, Chris
Lacrosse, Boo
Landry, Carl
LaRocca, Sean
LaShae, Julie
Lastie, Joseph
Laughlin, Tim
Law, Kaleb
Leary, "Washboard" Chaz
Lebeaux, Herman
LeBlanc, Glenn
Leder, Matt
Ledet, Bo
Lee, Bryan
Lee, Patty
Lee, Sub
Lemmler, Matt & Lauren
Leonard, Herman (Photographer)
Lester, Wallace
Lewis, Bobby
Lil Stooges Brass Band: Walter (GA), Ersel (B.R.), Airen (TX), Al Growe,
Andrew Baham (B.R.) Lil Rascals: Corey Henry (NY), Jeffrey Hills (Lafayette
- headed to MS), Will Smith (MS)
Lindell, Eric
Link, Everett
Lisi, John & Delta Funk
Livingston, Edwin
Lohmeyer, Jason
Longstreth, Kimberley
Longstreth, Paul "White Lightnin'"
Lonzo, Freddie
Lorio, AJ
Lott, Simon
Louisiana Red Hot Records
Lucia, Ingrid
Lyons, Jeremy
Mache, Candace
Mache, Robert
MacLuckie, Tommy
Maheu, Jack
Maloney, Pat
Mallery, Ajay
Manganello, Robert
Mano, Hironari & Lisa
Markham, Ronald
Marsalis, Branford
Marsalis, Delfayo
Marsalis, Dolores
Marsalis, Ellis
Marsalis, Jason
Marsalis, Wynton
Marshall, Dwight
Martin, James
Martyn, Barry (Andrew Hall's Society Brass Band)
Masa & Masako (Dragon's Den)
Masakowski, Steve
Maureau, Dwayne
Mayfield, Irvin
Maygarden, Ben
McBride, Jesse
McClimon, Matt
McCormick, Jim
McDaniel, Lenny
McDermott, Tom
McGinty, Joe "Ironballs"
McKinsey, Stew
McMurray, Alex
McNally, Shannon
Media Darling Records Staff
Medina, Alberto
Meldrum, Gerry
Mem Shannon & The Membership
Miller, Amasa
Miller, Charlie
Miss Maggie's Mayhem
Mooney, David
Mooney, John
Moore, Charles Louie
Moore, Deacon John
Moore, Jesse
Moore, Ray
Morgan, Tom
Morning 40 Federation
Morris, Mark
Morris, Kevin
Mother Tongue
Moton, Richard
Mule, Chris
Murray, Brain (Deacon John)
Muscutt, Les
Naked on the Floor
Napp, Tommy
Neal, Kenny
Nelson, Jeff "Guitar"
Neville, Aaron
Neville, Art
Neville, Charles
Neville, Charmaine
Neville, Cyril
Newbirth Brass Band: Kerwin (TX), Fatman (TX), Tanio (TX), Reg Stewart (AL),
Kenny Terry (TX - going back to LA for his wife), Troy "Trombone Shorty"
(TX), Glen David Andrews (TX)
New Orleans Klezmer All-Stars: jonathan freilich, rob wagner, glenn hartman,
nobu ozaki, david sobel, ben ellman, david rebeck
New Orleans Nightcrawlers
Ochsenschlager, Nancy
O'Day, Kevin
Omar, Fredy
Osborne, Anders
Oscar and the BluesCats
OTRA: Brent Rose (VA), Pupi Menes (Baton Rouge), Eric Lucero, Sam Price
Ozaki, Nobu
Palmer, Earl
Panorama Jazz Band
Papa Grows Funk
Patterson, Beth
Patterson, Jason
Paulin, Roderick
Paxton, Josh
Peaches Records and Tapes
Pearce, Michael
Peebles, Joey
Pellera, Mike
Pellick, Cale
Perkins, Spike
Perrine, Matt
Perry, Tim
Petersen, Ed
Pfister Sisters
Phillips, Devin
Pickford, Loren
Piety Street Studios
Pirner, David
Pistol Pete
Pistorious, Steve
Player, Mitchell
Porter, George Jr.
Powell, Shannon
Predomme, Jim
Preservation Hall -- Ok and dry; most musicians and staff have checked in;
Frank Demond, trombone, Joseph Lastie jr. drummer, Benjamin Jaffe, Rickie
Monie, Carl McCall banjo, Narvin Kimball
Price, Sam
Prizgintas, Albinas
Provensal, Jim
Pulphus, David
Pylant, Chris
Quintron & Miss Pussycat
Ramirez, Omar
Ramos, Lani
Ramsey, Jan (Offbeat), + Most Offbeat Staff
Rangell, Paul & Chuck (Paul & the Pontiacs)
Raybe, Frank "King"
Rayberg, Gila (Deacon John)
Rebirth Brass Band
Reinecke, George
Reynolds, Steve of Ultrasonic Studios
Rhoden, David
Richards, Trevor
Riley, Josh (Saaraba)
Roberts, Uganda
Robichaux, Coco
Roe, David
Rodli, John
Rogan, Davis
Rose, Biff
Rubin, Dixie
Ruffins, Kermit
Rush, Dorian
Saacks, Brian
Sage, Irene
Saint Louis Slim
Saint Martin, Armand
Salisbury, Joseph
Saltzman, Scott
Samuels, Mark & Will (Basin St. Records)
Sandmel, Ben
Sansone, Johnny
Sanzenbach, Nicky Blood
Sarli, Jeff
Saslaw, Janna
Savoy, Rob
Scala, Larry
Schatz, Greg (Schatzy)
Scott, Alexandra
Scott, Cindy
Scully, Ryan
Scurlock, Johnny
Seeger, Brian
Seidell, Tommy
Sharkey, Chris
Shepherd, Vic
Sieberth, Larry
Simeon, Terence
Simmons, John
Singleton, James
Shannon, Mem & The Membership
Sharkey, Chris
Shaw, Rick
Shlonk, Angie
Skinkus, Michael
Slewfoot & Cary B
Smith, Danon
Smith, Jim
Smith, Jon
Smith, Leslie
Smith, Roan (Know One)
Sneaky Pete
Snow, Robert
Soul Rebels: Oops (MS), Lumar (TX), and per Oops everyone else is out safe
as well - scattered about with family.
Steamboat Willie
Staehle, Frederick Conrad
Stegall, Craig
Stevens, Ross
Stevens, Sally
Stoltz, Brian
Stone, Joshua "T-Bone"
Stone, Marc
Storper, Dan & wife Amy of Putumayo
Subzero Permafrost
Sullivan, Roger
Summers, Bill
Summers, Don
Sunda, Bob
Swartz, Ken
Swiler, Matt
Taylor, Richard (Dukes of Dixieland)
Tee, Willie
Thomas, Irma (+ band)
Thurman, David
Tittworth, John
Thompson, Tom
Thorns, Jim
Torkanowsky, David
Torregano, Joe
Toussaint, Allen
Tozzatto, Claudia and Eric
Traub, Eric
Trammell, Douglas
Treme Brass Band: Benny Jones (Lafayette), James "12" Andrews (Monroe), Kirk
Joseph (CA), Kermit (B.R), Kid Merv (Tempe, AZ - with a new baby boy!!!),
Unk Lionell - (Arkansas)
Trolsen, Rick
Truckstop Honeymoon
Trumpet Red
Tufts, Owen
Turbinton, Wilson "Willie Tee"
Turner, Benny
Unterseier, Neil
Urbach, Martin
Vappie, Don & Millie
Venet, Seva
Vidacovich, Johnny & Debbie
Vigreaux, Hubie
Villarubia, Milton
Vindigni, John Sr.
Wacko Wade
Wagner, Rob
Walker, Stephen
Walsh, Doug
Walsh, Jimbo
Walter, Robert
Walton, Eric (atty)
Washboard Chaz
Washington, Walter "Wolfman"
Webber, Raymond
Weber, Jim
Weber, Melissa
Weiser, Kim
West, Mike
Westbank Mike
White, Catherine
White, Keith
White, Matthew
White, Dr. Michael
Wight, Jamie
Williams, Cornell
Williams, Jamelle
Williams, Big Sam
Wolf, Andy(Los Vecinos, Iris May Tango)
Wright, Marva
Wyckoff, Geraldine
Yamazake, Masataka
Zaorski, Linnzi

To report a musician or other
cf9c6d64226a6f> music person safe, or to discuss the future of the New
Orleans music community, go here. 


What Will Happen To New Orleans Music? 

As I write this, I am wondering if Katrina will create a permanent diaspora
of New Orleans musicians. Or will they return to the city they gave them
inspiration? Already I've heard from so many people who are in Lafayette,
various places in Tennessee (especially Nashville), Baton Rouge, and Austin.
I hate to say this, but unless we are committed to getting our city
back--and that means everyone in the music community--there will be no more
music in New Orleans.
Austin seems to be licking its chops at the prospect of sucking up so much
musical talent and so many music businesses. Basin Street Records has
already landed there. How many others?
For all those people who love New Orleans and her music, come back to the
city as soon as you can, please! There have been numerous (too many to
count) benefits to help New Orleans residents. Some have been earmarked for
the city's musicians.
But no one has come forward to administer these funds for local musicians.
And what about all the music businesses that have been displaced because of
Katrina? There are no FEMA funds to help these people.

Let us know what you think--or
4af9d0e121> wish--will happen. 



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