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Ron L'Herault lherault at bu.edu
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I don't know about what bands you folks listen to regularly but when I hear
the New Black Eagles, and I've been listening to them live since 1972, I
hear creativity from the get go.  It is not recreating music it is creating
music.  Can it and does it remind you of the great bands of the past?
Absolutely and if they didn't I probably wouldn't be listening.   I LIKE the
sounds of the bands in the past.  I don't like the extended chords, and
other modern stylistic changes.   When, as an older teen I finally got to
hear Louis's recordings of his late 1920s and early 30s material, I was
completely wowed!  That was IT.  That was the stuff that spoke to my soul.
Bunk's Superior Jazz Band - incredible.  Bix does not affect me the way he
does many jazz fans but I still like him quite a bit, as well as Red
Nichols.  There are few, if any 20s bands I don't like.   Ellington in the
20s and 30s is divine.  His bands from the 40s onward do not interest me.

I think maybe what I am trying to say here is that with Jazz, what is most
appealing is very personal.  You can like and appreciate a lot of it but
what really gets to your hear/soul is very particular and hard to explain.

Ron L

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> If you want to recreate old music, then that is your prerogative.  And  I
> am
> sure that you do it well, and that you have an audience that will 
> I
> just don't feel that it should be called "Jazz."

No, but if you recreate the kind of creativity earlier musicians displayed,
is that jazz? 

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