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>Bassist Jack Lesberg has died. I'm deep into deadline, but posted what I know 
>on The Mississippi Rag bulletin board at 
>http://www.mississippirag.com/cgi-bin/teemz/teemz.cgi. Click on Traditional Jazz category.
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I am saddened by that news. I heard Jack playing with Condon in NY when 
I was 18 (1949-you do the math.)
Then a dozen years ago when I played the Elkhart festival, he played a 
set with us and was still a rock solid bassist who listened to the 
players and backed them all so well...tasty is the word.
A real pioneerof the NY/Condon era who will be sorely missed. To my joy, 
I have a tape of us. made by a fan. with Jack playing that set with us 
and it goes into my treasure trove bin, along  with the set in which 
Ralph Sutton played with us.
The old giants are going all too fast, and now I am one of the old ones 
myself -- if not of giant status. But we had the real giants with us to 
inspire us to try to have our reach stretch out to lengths we didn't 
know we had.
I join many, I'm sure, who will mix some sadness with the joy of his 
having been among us.
Don Ingle

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