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I found your mention of Freddie Kohlman most welcome. Freddie  was not 
only a good friend but a fellow member of the Chicago Jazz Ltd.  House 
Band in the '60's. I worked with Freddie for several years there  until 
he moved back home to N.O. 

Freddie Kohlman was one of my favorite drummers to work with, ever!   His 
relaxed New Orleans style just made you WANT to play.  He could swing  with the 
best of them, but that New Orleans street beat he could do, was  GREAT!
And to agree with Don Ingle and a few other messages recently, I am SICK  and 
TIRED of the politicians and yes, even some of those "big stars" making this  
whole situation into a political football.  Why can't they realize that  this 
storm wasn't racist or right wing or left wing, or global warming or  
anything like that.  It was Mother Nature saying "don't screw with  me!"  And she has 
been doing it in cycles for as long as the earth has been  in existence. 
Mike Vax

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