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On the  other hand, if we're speaking about a musician swinging and creating
in  within the framework of the 1920's (for example), then that is  certainly
jazz. It's boils down to an issue of substance and style. Just  because
someone is using another form of playing doesn't automatically  signify that
jazz has flown out of the window. If the substance is what we  consider jazz
to be, i.e., innovative and swinging, then style or form  doesn't matter.

Stan Brager

I agree with you 100%.  Improvising can be done in any style and in  any 
"time period" of music.  That is, of course, jazz music!  It  doesn't necessarily 
even have to be in the "swing" genre.  I.E. - Latin  jazz.  The main thing for 
me, is that it is creative.  One of the  things that we have done in my bands 
(we even did it with the Draga/Vax  Connection) is try to have the horns 
improvise in say, the style of Mozart or  Bach, playing in a fugue like format.  
Lots of fun.
Mike Vax

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