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I didn't  say Marsallis couldn't swing... I said his ensemble didn't swing  on
"Dippermouth Blues".  But that is MY opinion.

And you are entitled to it!  We can't all like the same things, or  have the 
same opinion about what "Swings"

When  I mentioned Titan Hot 7, I wasn't thinking of their stage performances
as  much as the music they produce.  It is so full of energy and not done  in
the original, note for note presentation. 

Do you mean on recordings?  As a musician, I like to judge a band  mainly on 
live performances, when I can hear them, because you can redo and fix  things 
in a studio.  I also like live recordings.

My  objection was that Steve said all festival bands play  poorly.

As I stated in my previous post, there are bands on that circuit that I  LOVE 
to hear, but many of the bands on the trad jazz circuit do mainly just  
recreate old records.  The other thing that I can't stand, to be honest,  are 
musicians who play the same solo every time they perform certain  tunes.  Jazz to 
me, is all about creativity and improvisation.  That  is what really separates 
it from other musical forms.

I am  sorry I overlooked Irving Mayfield in my earlier post, because I
thoroughly  enjoyed his playing and song selection and my heart broke for him
when he  said his dad is still missing.  I got to hear him lecture at  the
SatchmoSummerFest in August.  He was very articulate and likeable  and was
able to convey from his standpoint of a trumpet player, what is so  difficult
about the notes Louis played with little effort.  Since I  DON'T play, I
appreciated this information.

It is actually Irvin, and yes he is a true monster player.  One of the  best 
young players in New Orleans today.  Also a very articulate spokesman  for 
jazz music.

I  sincerely hope that the monies raised from this PBS concert goes to the
New  Orleans musicians who  have lost their means of  support.
If they give the funds to the Red Cross and Salvation Army, the money will  
not get to the musicians.  I was hoping they would start a different  fund.  I 
have stated on this list TWICE now, about the fund that my  nonprofit "Friends 
of Big Band Jazz" has set up to go STRAIGHT to musicians, and  have had 
almost no response.

I DO listen to various styles of music at festivals with OPEN  ears.
I am glad!  Music and Jazz in particular are such a varied art  forms, that 
it would be a shame to limit oneself to only a couple of  kinds.

Rebecca Thompson
Flower Mound, TX

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