[Dixielandjazz] Waiting at the End of the Road

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> Sent off-list. It'll be in "20s-30s Fake Book".
> --Sheik
> At 06:05 PM 09/19/05 -0400, Laurence Swain wrote:
> >Heard Jimmy Mazzy sing that tune (very impressive!) yesterday with the
> >Paramount Jazz Band in Natick, MA, and wonder if anyone can point to a
> >lead sheet that includes the intro/verse.  I don't have one.
> >
> >Larry Swain

I couldn't be happier with what Sheik sent for that one tune, which will be in his forthcoming 
20s-30s fake book, nor can I be restrained from buying it

What he sent was ideal for what I want and need. As is the case with his two earlier 
Dixieland fake books.


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