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Kaye Wade kaye at kayewade.com
Sat Sep 17 23:02:36 PDT 2005

I sang with Jimmy in the 70's at the Paddock Bar.  The people that 
owned it were wonderful!  He owned race horses and after he died, his 
wife ran it until she couldn't & sold it.

I used to sing at the Monteleone Hotel with the Dukes for the bus tours 
during Mardi Gras and then when we finished at 10:15 pm,  go to the 
Quarter & sing with Jim's group.  I did that for 3 yrs. at the Paddock, 
and then She got ill & had to sell it and the band just sort of 

He was an amazing player- in love with the music- and you could tell 
it.  The band were all really good! The stage was behind the bar & 
raised and so tiny we continually bumped each other. It was amazing we 
didn't all fall off!

I tried several times to find him when I came back each year after 
that, he was supposed to start at the Court of Three Sisters a week 
after Mardi Gras one year, but I couldn't stay and  he just sort of 
fell off the earth. Jim loved his booze and seemed to want to fight a 
lot, but he and everyone else were always very kind & respectful to me.

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