[Dixielandjazz] Second Line

Steve barbone barbonestreet at earthlink.net
Sat Sep 17 20:39:47 PDT 2005

Second lines are alive and well in Atlantic City New Jersey. At least at the
Showboat Casino. Today's gig was a case in point.

During two separate sets, we had second lines following us around the joint.
Dancing like nobody was watching. Plus, folks coming at us from the opposite
direction dancing, shaking their hips, their booties and their tops. And
yelling out "New Orleans Lives".

It is amazing how the clarinetist can get them going by stepping toward
them, making eye contact, raising the eyebrows, pointing the horn at them
and trilling or growling. And he's an old fart, gigging in a venue that does
not hire "old" musicians. Yep, yours truly, the oldest musician regularly
gigging there. ;-) VBG

By the time we got to the bus depot where folks are waiting to go back to
Philly, New York or Baltimore, we ended up with a large crowd of dancers.

The tunes that seem to start them off are Saints, Second Line, Going To The
Mardi Gras and/or Mummers tunes like "World Is Waiting For The Sunrise" etc.

Interestingly enough, contrary to opinions of people who don't play in front
of them, most of the dancers are Black. But once it starts, a few whites get
up and join them moving and shaking. Course it helps when band members egg
everybody on. It is a blast and a lesson about audience.

Bottom line, if people do not respond to your music, you ain't doing it


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