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   Jim Branson posts:
     " When the president in his speech last night, in describing a New
Orleans jazz funeral, said that after the casket is laid in place, the 
band breaks
into a joyful second line, what exactly did he mean?
Obviously He too had absolutely no idea:

 I've never personally witnessed a New Orleans jazz funeral, so maybe
some of you who have can answer the question.   Does the band form a 
kind of
flying wedge and go running full speed to break into the joyful second

Nope we prefer to shuffle along slowly especially if it is a long one.

  And why don't the people in the second line, if they're so darned 
joyful, just
let the band members in without forcing them to break in?

Because Everybody want's to be in Show Biz man, and the music if played 
correctly is quite infectious.

   Is there violence involved?"

Only if one of the over zealous dancers in the second line hits one of 
the horn players driving his mouth piece into his lips or teeth, then 
it can get real ugly real quick.


Tom Wiggins
St. Gabriel's Celestial Brass Band   (I Da real thing man)

We also have a new booking procedure:  called Pre Need:

"Pay now Die Later!"

Jim, not being a musician, but a lurker, I don't have your answer, but 
sure many will and will post their responses.   BUT, if you're going to 
Berkeley Jazz School   Katrina hurricane benefit
  tomorrow, please wear a big name tag identifying yourself so we'll 
know who
you are... - you have a terrific sense of humor!!

Pacifica, CA
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