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Wow  thst's what the sport is about  :))

And I always thought it was just an acceptable and even encouraged four 
or five day opportunity to embibe in a pints of ale.  :))
I had not idea it was actually a sporting match other than ale drinking 
competitions. :))

Tom Wiggins

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    I, in my ignorance to the sport, wonder if it really is someone's 
 Hi Jim, 
  Many years ago when the Aussies beat us in a Test Match the Times ran 
a headline bemoaning the `ashes of British cricket`. 
  Ever since the match has been played for `The Ashes`. How or when, 
someone actually came up with the little urn I have no idea. 
  I do not follow the `Beautiful Game` because in fact it is boring 
beyond belief unless you like stategic games that unfold over 4 or 5 
days and into which must be factored the weather, and the wear which 
the turf on the wicket will suffer, but this series went right down to 
the wire. 
 Musical content? Yah di di yah yah! 
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