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Robert Reck reckeuph at sbcglobal.net
Sat Sep 10 13:54:17 PDT 2005

>From an article in the Tulsa World about displaced
N.O. musicians currently in Oklahoma:

 Displaced New Orleans tuba player Larry Calloway III
on Wednesday used a story in the Tulsa World to make
an appeal.

"If somebody will give us some brass instruments, I
can promise you the best New Orleans jazz you ever

Now, Calloway, who's known to his music pals as
Boogafat, has a chance to make good on his promise.

By Thursday, instruments were arriving at Camp Gruber,
where evacuees from Hurricane Katrina are being


 "I thought if they could hear their music it would
soothe them," she said. "These poor people don't have
much, but they have music. You can't take that away."

Calloway and his musician pals will get a chance to
show what they can do in Tulsa, when they join the
already-scheduled Jambalaya Jass Band for the first
show in the Hall of Fame's Autumn Jazz Concert Series,
set for 5 p.m. Sunday.


The Jambalaya Jazz Band is a Tulsa group that plays

If anyone is looking for Larry Calloway III and
company, here they are...


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