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Fri Sep 9 12:07:30 PDT 2005

At our recent board meeting of Friends of Big Band Jazz (501c3 nonprofit  
corporation), we discussed the plight of many New Orleans musicians, in the  
aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.  There are many wonderful things already being 
done to help them, but we  decided to start our own fund to help them in the 
future.  Many of these musicians are living  temporarily with friends, family or 
just caring individuals all over the United  States.  Many have lost much of 
what  they had, including possessions, living quarters and even musical 
instruments.  They could be out of work for quite a long time.  We know that, once the 
initial horror of  this catastrophic event has diminished somewhat, the 
reality of how to get on  with their lives will set in.  We  want to pick a few 
musicians and their families and help as much as we can, as  they start to try to 
put their lives back together in the coming  months. 
Any funds that are raised will go directly to our chosen musicians.  There 
will be no administrative charges  of any kind.  Through many friends  who lived 
in New Orleans, people who are in contact with these musicians, and  maybe 
even from some of you, we will ascertain what musicians we can pick to  make the 
best use of our fund. 
If you would like to make a donation, please make your check out to  Friends 
of Big Band Jazz and put on the subject line: New Orleans Musicians  Fund.  
This will be a  tax-deductible, charitable donation for you. 
Mail to: 
Friends of Big Band Jazz 
500 Oakland Ave. 
Oakland, CA 94611 
Mike Vax 
Chairman of the Board 
Friends of Big Band Jazz

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