[Dixielandjazz] Real Jazz Haiku--and more

Fred Spencer drjz at bealenet.com
Fri Sep 9 11:32:09 PDT 2005

"Jazz from the Haiku King" by James A. Emanuel (Broadside Press, 1999) is a collection of haiku, some of which are translated into, or from, French and other languages. "Louis Armstrong, Sidney Bechet.Jelly Roll Morton,Bilie Holiday, Duke Ellington are some of the jazz stars "haikued.'
Another short poetic form is the "Clerihew". This was invented by an English author, Edmund Clerihew Bentley--hence its name. It is "usually biographical in natureand consists of two rhyming couplets, with no restrictions concerning the length of the lines. As I have never seen a jazz example in print I had to do it myself!

Sammy Kaye
Had a band that could sway.
But Goodman-style swing
Wasn't his thing.

When Louis played
Sweethearts on Parade:
"You copycat," said Carmen,
But Guy said "How charmin'."


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