[Dixielandjazz] Jack Sheldon

Robert S. Ringwald robert at ringwald.com
Thu Sep 8 17:44:55 PDT 2005

 starwaterlogo at mpinet.net writes:

> I really believe Jack Sheldon's talent on the horn is largely
> under-recognized. Even though he had a fairly high profile gig with Merv
> Griffin (which as a kid is where I first heard of him) my recollection is 
> he
> did more wisecracking than playing. I was actually more familiar with his
> voice from the "Grammar Rock" cartoons than his playing. It wasn't until
> much later that I came to realize what a fantastic player he really is.

Since I do not live in Tinsel Town any longer, it is not often that I get to 
hear Jack Sheldon.  About the only time these days is at the Los Angeles 
Sweet & Hot Music Festival over Labor Day weekend.

Not only is he usually booked there with his California Cool Quartet, he 
usually does a big band set.  This year was no exception.

As he often says, "What a band!"

Quite a few of his arrangements are by Tom Cubas (SP).

Do yourself a favor.  Go to Jack's web site (I am not on line right now so I 
can't check the URL but it is probably Jack Sheldon.com) or look for 
Butterfly records, & order some of his CDs.  I especially like the one 
recorded live on the Queen Mary.  The balance is not quite studio quality 
but it has the excitement of a live recording.

--Bob Ringwald

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