[Dixielandjazz] Ever heard someone who sounded like Al Hirt?

starwaterlogo starwaterlogo at mpinet.net
Wed Sep 7 19:50:48 PDT 2005

One of my long standing trumpet heroes was/is Al Hirt.  I can't say I've
ever heard anyone who sounded exactly like him, either his sound or his
overall style, particularly when he played Dixie. The way he approached
notes, his often pyrotechnic approach to playing licks, everything seemed
unique. I wonder where he got the model for his approach.

I do notice that listening to his Dan's Pier 600 stuff from the 50's and
comparing it to his playing from the 60's, there seems to be an evolution in
his playing.

Anyone ever heard someone they thought sounded like Hirt?

Robert Pulliam

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