[Dixielandjazz] Harry Epp RIP

Will Connelly willc at highstream.net
Wed Sep 7 11:25:17 PDT 2005

Dear Friends . . .
I am shocked and saddened to have to report that pianist/banjoist Harry 
Epp has died. I had the news from Hal Donovan, who had called Harry this 
morning to try to find out how Pat Cooke was (surviving) and got his 
son, Rich, instead. I talked to Rob, the eldest son, who said that they 
were waiting for the medical examiner but that it was apparently a heart 
attack - Harry had had a bad one several years ago - and when I talked 
with him last night he said he was worn out from his trip to LA for the 
Sweet and Hot even as he raved about the music he'd heard and the 
friends he'd connected with there.

Harry was one of my closest friends, and the regular pianist in my River 
Liffey Saloon Jazz Band and Roaring Tusker Jazz Band. Through the years 
he also worked with Bill Thomas's Bourbon Street Jazz Band, with Sandy 
Sander and Frank Izzo, Frank Hubbell and the Riverside Jazz Band. I was 
privileged to produce two albums of Harry's Muskat Ramblers, which began 
life in Columbus, Ohio in the early '50s. His eldest son, Rob, asked me 
to take care of the musical arrangements. I will do this, and will keep 
you all advised as the funeral  arrangements are made.

You can't imagine how I feel right now.

Will Connelly

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