[Dixielandjazz] Duke Heitger

Will Connelly willc at highstream.net
Tue Sep 6 18:34:58 PDT 2005

Mike C. wrote:

> I received an email from Duke this morning. He wasn't in New Orleans 
> during the hurricane. He was on a European Tour and is now in Ohio 
> trying to regroup. Has anyone heard from any of the other New Orleans 
> musicians?
> Mike

I talked with bass playing listmate Pat Cooke, who left his east NO 
lakefront condo - of uncertain fate - to stay with a friend in Metarie 
hours before the storm struck. Her house has had water at the doorsill 
but  was not flooded and nsustzained no major damage, so she and Pat are 
safe. They have no fresh food or drinking water and run their generator 
just enough to charge cell phones and other batteries. Food and water 
are bought by the (armed) National Guard, which  is in Metarie in 
strength and more or less preventing looting and definitely controlling 
ingress to Jefferson Parish. Pat says that, not being a resident of the 
parish (county), he would be summarilydetained and deported to Houston 
if stopped by any authority (Guard, sheriff, police) so he's pretty much 
under "house arrest".  His assessment of the governmental response is 
"they haven't got a clue", but he is encouraged that the water is receding.

Pat sounded upbeat and a helluva long way from being defeated!


Will Connelly

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