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tcashwigg at aol.com tcashwigg at aol.com
Wed Sep 7 09:19:02 PDT 2005

No Bill, it is running rampant,  the only ones who never seem to have 
any delays in getting here are the ones from Nigerian folks with 
Millions of dollars to put in my bank account, and the viagra, ciallis 
salesmen, and all the winning lottery notifications for me
to claim my millions in prizes.   Why don't they just send me a check, 
even a bad one, they know where I am. :))

Heck I won so much money just this morning that I can probably rebuild 
New Orleans, pay off the National debt, and give a few thousand to 
every man woman and child and dog and cat on the planet.   Damn I never 
knew they had so much American money down in Nigeria, or that there 
were so many great lotteries in Holland and the UK, where have I been?

Tom Wiggins

"We're in the Money"

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   Dear friends,
Am I the only one experiencing long delays with DJML postings?
Over the last few days they are coming in out of order, or are very 
A batch from yesterday and early this morning arrived about an hour ago.
Some appear not to have arrived at all, athough the replies have.
My own posts to the list are taking hours instead of minutes to appear 
the list.
However, it may well be my ISP, which is notorious for its problems.
Kind regards,

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