[Dixielandjazz] Union Fodder to change the subject

tcashwigg at aol.com tcashwigg at aol.com
Tue Sep 6 19:20:08 PDT 2005

LW - In all fairness Tom the hotel owner and bar owner isn't in the 
business.  He is in the making money business and if bands can't draw 
so that he can make more money than without he simply will do without or
hire the wannabees for beers.

The Bar owner yes Larry,

But the Hotel Operators lost it long ago,  they used to have live music 
in many venues in the hotels to attract local clientele and keep the 
guests in the hotel spending their money rather than having them 
roaming all over town looking for some entertainment and action.

They now want to charge customers to sit in an empty Bar $7.50 and 
upwards for a drink with nothing more than the drink to entertain them 
or keep them there.   Long gone are the dinner shows and cabaret 
entertainment that attracted the folks to the hotel in the first place. 
   They are only concerned with how many butts are in the beds upstairs 
and almost everything in the hotel is broken down according to 
occupancy load which is their slide rule for determining the 
profitability of the property.

The nightclubs and ballrooms/Banquet rooms are all mere real estate and 
charged to use by sq. footage run by the food and beverage departments 
usually with idiots in charge selling the same Rubber Chicken dinners 
to all meetings, conventions and room renters.

Unfortunately there are really not very many REAL Music nightclub 
operators around anymore they too have died off, and or given up or 
been beaten out of the business by the police and or legal systems 
constantly placing further restrictions upon them and making it too 
expensive to try and stay in the business at all.

They used to sing about "There'll be some changes made" well they made 
them and we all are now reaping the benefits of those great changes  
ain't it wonderful??



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