[Dixielandjazz] Shave and a haircut - What the razor bladecompanies don't want you to know.

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It was the Army which helped me to realized that shaving cream was
unnecessary. During boot camp, in 1954, we had to have our footlockers neat
and orderly according to a prescribed plan. This included a pristine shaving
cream container. The one I used certainly didn't meet muster. The solution
was to buy a new can of shaving cream for the display and use soap to shave.

That was the last shaving cream I purchased.

Musical content: "Shave 'Em Dry Blues"
Musical question: why isn't "Shave 'Em Dry Blues" being sung any more?

Stan Brager
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> Hi Larry and all,
> You wrote (regarding the price of a shave and a haircut):
> >So please let me know where I can get a haircut, much less a shave
> >and a haircut, for six bits?
> Actually, I don't think you can if you go to some commercial barber shop.
> HOWEVER . . .
> I do my own shave and haircut (now that I enjoy male pattern baldness and
> 'state of the art' razors).
> This brings up an interesting point.
> How many of you guys still use shaving cream before go to the gig and take
> blade to cheek and shave off the offending whiskers?
> (aside to Bob Ringwald) This is an "on topic" discussion directly related
> your bringing up the subject of "shave and a haircut" in the first place
> should in no way be considered a digression from our usual "acceptable"
> discussion topics.
> Now . . . I used to always go out and buy that big aerosol can of Gillette
> shaving cream and I would squirt out a handful of lather and then smear it
> on my chops and then, using Gillette "Custom Plus" disposable razors, I'd
> hack off the beard.
> One day, out on a gig at a distant motel, I discovered I had no Gillette
> shaving cream in my toilet kit so I just washed my face, used the
> bar of Motel 6 Soap for a bit of lather and slapped some of that on my
> and shaved.
> I did not notice one single bit of difference between the shave with the
> shaving cream and without the shaving cream!   Go figure!!!
> So I read the blurb on the Gillette Custom Plus razor package:
> "Twin Gillette Comfort Blades are thinner to cut hair more easily-for an
> extraordinarily comfortable shave."
> "Lubrastrip edge with Extra Lubricating Poweer, Vitamin E and Aloe."
> "Soft Ultragrip handle for greater control."
> Friends, Razor techology has come a long way since my grandfather used to
> use a razor strop to sharpen his folding razor blade.
> Take my word for it. Modern razors are super sharp, ratain their edges for
> longer period of time and will give a close shave without having to use
> big can of aerosol shaving cream!
> The deal is, the razor blade companies (Gillette, Shick, etc.) also
> manufacture shaving cream and it is not in their interest to advertize
> razors which are so effiecient that you don't need to buy the shaving
> Face it -- Shaving cream is redundant today!!! But it is still sold
> they sell shaving supplies.
> So here's the bottom line:
> I haven't used shaving cream for several years now. I simply wash my face
> with some hot water and a regular bar of whatever soap is available at the
> motel or my home and then shave it off.
> Trust me, there is no difference between the quality of shave with plain
> hot water and a bit of soap (optional) and some fancy-schmancy shaving
> cream. Modern razor technology has rendered that stuff obsolete.
> It is now easier to pack my toilet kit when I travel to gigs and my
> time is reduced by a third to a half.  Women still throw themselves at me
> hoping I'll let them dance cheek to cheek with me because of my "baby
> bottom" smooth chops.
> Respectfully submitted,
> Bill "Baby Face" Gunter
> jazzboard at hotmail.com
> ps - go ahead, sheer . . . you are all the victims of an advertising scam!
> Hah!
> extra ps - Ringwald doesn't shave anyway . . . he lets somebody trim his
> beard whenever it gets too shaggy.

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