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Here is the gist of what some folks are doing to help New Orleans/Gulf Coast
Musicians. More information is available at Larry's Improv Page:


Help Musicians Affected by Hurricane Katrina

Here we go and here's the story and Here's the podcast.

Jim Eigo of Jazz Promo Service has been sending out email with ways for us
to help the musicians affected by Hurricane Katrina. Jim is an amazing guy
that all New York musicians know and love. I talked to Jim about doing a
podcast and working with him to help get the word out. He put me in touch
with Wendy Oxenhorn. Wendy is a blues musician that runs the Jazz Foundation
of America. Wendy then put me in touch with several other women including
Kathy Richards of Southwest Louisiana Area Health Education Center. I tried
to get 4 people on the line but my computer started acting funny. I didn't
know these women at all and felt nervous about wasting their time while I
tried to workout software problems. So I got 2 of them on the line Wendy and
Kathy and spoke with them. These are two amazing women!

Instrument Fund Drive

Here's what we want to do at Larrys Improv Page. Let's build a database of
instruments that musicians are willing to give away or sell at an incredibly
inexpensive price. If you have an instrument that meets those requirements
email me with:

*    Your name, address, phone number and email address
*    All information about the instrument
*    Whether you're willing to donate it or if you're going to sell it at a
very inexpensive price what that price would be.

You can email me here. I will then forward the list to Kathy and Wendy and
they can get the word out to musicians and the musicians can then contact
you. NO MIDDLE PEOPLE, let's just get these instruments to musicians that
need them.
Who's Donating? I'll try and keep the list current.

1 used music store
1 piano
1 guitar
1 trombone
1 clarinet
1 guitar maker
1 violin

Donate Money

If you want to donate money then please email Kathy Richards at
<musiciank at swlahec.com> or see Jazz Foundation of America website (Wendy
Oxenhorn) at http://www.jazzfoundation.org/

More Info

If you know of any other people helping musicians, any places to donate
money that will go to musicians then email me here and I'll post the info.

PLEASE HELP GET THE WORD OUT. I hate spam and group emails but I think
you'll agree that this is important. Send to all your friends get them to
spread the word, let's build this web page with important info and let's all
find ways to help these musicians. They are screwed big time.

Here's a website with more information www.noahleans.org

Here's an email I recieved

a couple of Chicago projects to participate in, draw ideas from, etc.
I will post details about these as I get them.

(1) I just heard that the Jazz Institute in Chicago has established a fund
to help Katrina-victim musicians, and that they will be spreading word of
this (and collecting?) at the big Chicago Jazz Festival that starts today
(Sept 2) and goes through Labor Day (5th).

(2) Also, a local academic, who came back from fieldwork in New Orleans just
before the storm, has already had word of uninsured musicians she knows
losing their instruments. She is looking into how to organize a drive --
maybe with Old Town School of Folk Music and/or the musicians' union -- to
get instruments to musicians there.

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