[Dixielandjazz] New Orleans Appeal Fund for UK and list of survivors known to date,

Judy Eames jude at judyeames.co.uk
Tue Sep 6 02:57:53 PDT 2005

For details of a fund established by reliable UK musicians  go to Fred
Burnett's news site www.jazznorthwest.co.uk   Click on "News" and then Jazz

There is also a list of musicians who are known to be safe.

Apparently there are some scams going on :

05/09/05 -  Chris Walker of BBC Radio Solent is co-ordinating the New
Orleans Musician Appeal Fund. Although attractive, do not respond to email
messages for support from the States or UK, unless you know them to be
LEGITIMATE, unfortunately, already there are some 'slimeballs' who are
already setting up scams to fleece the needy, so please be careful. - Pete

Judy Eames
Kaminsky Connection
Aston, Oxfordshire

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