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Robert S. Ringwald robert at ringwald.com
Sat Sep 3 17:30:55 PDT 2005


I received the following e-mail from Jeanette Tedmon which came to her from 
Grace Perrine.  Grace lived in New Orleans.  Her son is one of the New 
Orleans musicians who not only is out of work, has also probably lost 
everything he & his wife owns.

--Bob Ringwald

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> Bob:
> Grace has sent this letter to her friends who want to help the Perrine 
> family.  Of all the jazz people I know, you have the largest network of 
> contacts.  I thought you might pass the word to others who might want to 
> contribute.
> I had dinner with Grace last night and she is trying to cope as best she 
> can.  She was renting a house and lost all of her possessions.  Matt and 
> Debbie bought an old, old house a few years ago  and have spent the last 
> few years making it livable.  It probably will be a total loss.
> I'm sure the Perrine family would appreciate your spreading the word that 
> they are safe.  Thanks for your help.
> Jeanette
>>Subject: Perrine update
>>Date: Fri, 2 Sep 2005 23:12:47 -0400
>>Thank you all so very much for your messages of love and concern.
>>I am in Sacramento with friends and am looking forward to moving back into 
>>my home in the next few weeks. I merely lost things, most of which can be 
>>As it stands right now, we are almost certain Matt, Debbie and Benjamin's 
>>home was in the direct path of the flooding waters of Lake Ponchartrain. 
>>This means they will have lost everything: their home, their belongings 
>>and, with the devastation of New Orleans, their livelihood.  They are both 
>>musicians who depend, largely, on the tourist trade for their livelihood. 
>>The tourists will not be visiting New Orleans for a long time and finding 
>>work will be nearly impossible for quite some time.  In the midst of such 
>>terrible uncertainty, Matt and Deb's financial obligations continue.  They 
>>include raising young Ben who will turn TWO September 10, paying their 
>>mortgage and meeting all the expenses of daily life.
>>Many of you have expressed the desire to help our family so I have 
>>established an account at CalNet Business Bank for them.  It will be 
>>accessible by them through ATM and by check.  It is in my name, but for 
>>Account of:
>>Grace T. Perrine
>>C/O Matt Perrine and Debbie Davis
>>CalNet Business Bank
>>1565 Exposition Blvd
>>Sacramento, CA 95815
>>Wire or mail deposits payable to Grace T. Perrine
>>Bank ABA #121143257
>>Account: 1000421692
>>My current address is 5606 Shepard Ave, Sacramento, CA 95819
>>If, through some miracle, they do not need this money, they will pass it 
>>along to families who are in need.
>>Your outpouring of love and support is the most amazing thing I have ever 
>>experienced.  I hope somehow we can repay you, but not in the same dire 
>>Love to all, Grace
>>PS: If you have or know of anyone who has the need for live music played 
>>and/or sung by world class New Orleans musicians, contact Matt at 
>>perrine at aol.com.

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