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Excuse me . . .

Will you please take this OFF LINE?


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>Hi Jim,
>I get four news programs, BBC, Sky, ITv, and Channel Four, all are 
>reporting on this disaster and the tardiness, to say the least, of the US 
>government to help these poor people, every British reporter is shocked 
>that nothing is being done and commenting about the amazing coincidence 
>that when at last help comes in so does Mr. Bush. Boy, does he get a lot of 
>Stunned is a very mild word to used, everybody I know is deeply angered.
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>Subject: [Dixielandjazz] The Gulf
>Jim wrote
>>The foreign news about the tradgedy along the Gulf of Mexico seems to be
>>hitting hard on the fact that very little seemed to happen to help those
>>poor people during the last 4 days.  If that news is just not slanted, 
>>it is quite unconceivable that aid couldn't have begun to move more 
>>I've looked at Spanish tv & newspapers, Sky News (satellite tv, U.K.), 
>>& Fox News, and they seem to all aim at the same theme.  Can't get BBC
>>lately, as Sky bumped it off of their satellite viewing.  Wonder if 
>>hitting on the same theme?
>>Hard to believe....  I'm quite stunned.
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