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David Richoux tubaman at tubatoast.com
Fri Sep 2 21:22:17 PDT 2005

This is an "authorized" forward from the Street Band list a few of us  
DJML folks are on. The 2nd and 3rd parts of the message are more  
generalized for all musicians in the area.

While some of us might not be into the more modern New Orleans brass  
bands style, many these mostly young musicians are direct descendants  
of the great New Orleans jazz families...

Dave Richoux
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From: michele lee <michele at riseup.net>
Date: September 2, 2005 9:02:50 PM PDT
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Subject: [StreetBand] new orleans brass solidarity

(please do forward to yr people)

First, if you have people in NOLA you're trying to find, Joe Tuba has  
been maintaining an up-to-date list of list/found folks. Email him at  
joseph_k (at) riseup.net.

Second, a headcount of members of brass bands from Rebirth's site:   

Third: 2 opportunities for aid for displaced musicians. Something to  
keep in mind if your band is doing benefits/fundraising (HMB has  
already been asked to do 3 benefits, one which is all brass bands. It  
would be great to publicize this stuff, or at least tell the list about  
your fundraising ideas. The Houston this  below sounds like such a good  

NOAH: a new houston/nola musicians support project (from Rebirth's  
website forum)

Hello y'all -- I'm the music editor of Houston's alt-weekly paper the  
Houston Press. (It's the equivalent of Gambit.)

I received this press release today. I hope it helps. (If you're in  
Houston you need help with anything else, feel free to call me at  

Anyway, here's the release. This people are legit, so pass it on to  
whoever it an help.

Everyone knows that a huge part of New Orleans' culture is its music.  
But how can this be preserved so that it will be ready when the city  
rebuilds? A group of Houston musicians led by prominent pianist Paul  
English, vocalists Gigi Hill and Tianna Hall, Johan Keus andothers have  
formed a group called "NOAH" (New Orleans and Houston) whose mission is  
to reach out and support the displaced New Orleans musicians by  
providing them with housing, venues in which to perform, instrument  
replacement, etc. The project is named: SHONOF (pronounced “sho’nuff”:  
Safe Harbor for Our New Orleans Friends). Primary goals are:
  1. To contact New Orleans musicians, wherever they are, and let them  
know there is a support group in Houston ready to help them, provide  
housing, get gigs, etc.
  2. To line up apartments, rooms, etc. for these people to live in  
until they can get on their feet.
  3. To organize an instrument clearing house whereby the musicians can  
get access to needed instruments in order to perform and make a living.
  4. To urge local venues--clubs, restaurants, hotels, etc.--to expand  
their use of live musicians.
  5. To organize and hold benefit concerts featuring the New Orleans  
musicians, supplemented by the best of Houston musicians, to raise  
money to help the musicians and the project.
  6. To share their current gigs with the New Orleans musicians, either  
by adding a player or two to their performing group or by relinquishing  
an entire gig.
While several government agencies and aid groups are focused on the  
thousands of people at the Astrodome and elsewhere, this important  
segment is largely ignored. It is NOAH's aim to not only help from a  
humanitarian standpoint, but to preserve an importantpart of the New  
Orleans culture and music scene.
The concept, barely two days old, has started catching on like  
wildfire. MSNBC has already contacted them, but more publicity is  
needed. A few musicians from New Orleans have landed in Houston but  
hundreds more have likely scattered and may welcome a chance to come  
togetherin a more cohesive environment.
Besides, it makes for a very interesting story in the midst ofthis  
monumental tragedy.
Gigi Hill may be contacted on (713) 503-3518, gigi at noahleans.org. Their  
new website is www.noahleans.org

MusiCares Hurricane Relief Fund

Also: take a look at musicares.com (part of the Recording Academy - you  
know, the grammys). Another promising possibility for donations. Anyone  
know anything about them? They have a specific hurricane fund you can  
donate to.

Academy Statement On Hurricane Katrina
  The Hurricane Katrina disaster has been devastating, profound and life  
altering for its victims, their families, friends and the nation. This  
is the time when we must come together and take care of those who need  
our help. Therefore, The Recording Academy, the nonprofit organization  
that is the voice of thousands of music makers nationwide, along with  
its MusiCares Foundation, which provides a safety net of critical  
services for music people in crisis, is committing an initial donation  
of $1 million for music people affected by Hurricane Katrina.

The MusiCares Hurricane Relief Fund has been set up so these people in  
crisis can get help. Assistance includes basic living expenses such as  
shelter, food, utilities, transportation; medical expenses including  
doctor, dentist and hospital bills, medications; clothing; instrument  
and recording equipment replacement; relocation costs; school supplies  
for students; insurance payments and more.

Along with this donation, each of The Academy's 12 regional Chapters  
will designate local programming that will continue the fundraising  
efforts to help the thousands of music people whose lives and  
livelihoods have been impacted by these tragic events. The Recording  
Academy, The Latin Recording Academy, MusiCares Foundation and the  
GRAMMY Foundation also have created a matching fund with their  
employees to help ensure that music continues to be the thread that  
brings people together and helps us all heal. We encourage the industry  
and the world to help in any way they can.

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