[Dixielandjazz] blame??

Cebuisle2 at aol.com Cebuisle2 at aol.com
Fri Sep 2 20:07:25 PDT 2005

hello list-
I see that political viewpoints are starting to creep into the New Orleans  
discussions. This is unfortunate. There are some who feel that government 
should  rise to every occasion, like the victim briefly interviewed by the TV news 
who  complained that he had run out of cigarettes. 
I am reminded that the London authorities were unable to extract victims  for 
several days, with a far smaller problem to deal with. 
Looting and worse has broken out after every natural and man-made  disaster. 
Remember Watts some years ago?  Some of this hindered the rescue  efforts. I 
recall reading of the  looting problem in San Francisco many  years ago that 
was quickly ended  when the police shot dead a few looters.  We don't do that 
There magnitude of the disaster was too great for the resources of the  city, 
or even the state. Mobilization of national resources always takes a lot  of 
time. New Orleans was a disaster waiting to happen. Unfortunately there will  
be others. I guess it is human nature to blame those in authority .

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